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Dupe! Garnier Ambre Solaire vs La Roche-Posay

Ok, so I’m not sure you can call 2 products under the same owned company a ‘dupe’, can you? Besides, one of these is over half the price of the other!

So I’ve been a fan of La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios shaker fluid for a while now, thin texture and sits beautifully under make up. It is an SPF ‘must have’ for a lot of people, it’s raved about on TV, magazines and influensers everywhere. I’ve even seen people with darker complexions also recommend this, as SPF can be known to leave an ashy residue on black and brown skin, but I don’t believe this does.

But there’s a new kid on the block.

I seen Garnier’s Ambre Solaire’s new SPF advertised on Facebook. The buzz word here is ‘fluid’. And for the face this is perfect for me, as a thick, creamy SPF I find can pill on the skin.

The main similarities of these two SPFs is that they are both broad spectrum, meaning they provide UVB+UVA protection for the skin.


The ingredients lists are also almost identical!
I know there are a lot of you that will wince at the sight of alcohol denant as the second ingredient of both of these products, the reason being, it needs it to make it quote ‘fluid’, the runny texture is what makes this SPF so easy to apply on the skin and look so great under make up. Just make sure you’re removing your SPFs with a double cleanse and wear a nice moisturiser underneath, so the alcohol content won’t dry your skin out as much.
Garnier’s SPF is advertised to include hyaluronic acid, but both contain glycerin (another hydrating agent).

Some SPF feel really tacky post application, these definitely do not, so are my go to if I need to apply make up soon after my skincare routine.

The main difference is the price. LRP retails at £17.50, whereas GAS retails at £7.00, that’s a whopping £10.50 difference!
Now, I’m not saying you’re getting the exact same product, for such a price difference.
The reason the ingredients are so similar, is because they are owned by the same company, L’Oreal. So they have most of the same ingredients under one roof if you will. There are a few stronger ingredients in the LRP, and they also state their PPD (persistent pigment darkening) as 46, the European requirement being around 10 *I think*, so exceeds the limit.
The GAS uses the ‘star rating’ as 3. This is something that is putting people off this product, however I don’t think it should. It is still a broad spectrum SPF which has factor 50+ protection against UVA and UBV rays. The star rating I believe is a little bit of a Boots marketing scheme, though there are some important factors to it, it isn’t the be all and end all of an SPF, 3 is fairly decent.

Another difference being the size, LRP is 50ml, GAS is 40ml. Not a major change, and it’s cheaper to get 2 GAS bottles, than the 1 LRP.

As for the packaging, La Roche-Posay is trademark. With it’s funny square shape and funnel on the side. But Garnier is very close in comparison.

Production wise, the Anthelios is a better product, but I will continue purchase of the Face Fluid, as it’s cheaper and looks stunning under make up.

Garnier also do a matching SPF facial spray to coincide with the fluid, as do LRP. Very cooling and perfect for top ups when you have make up on, as you should be keepnig SPF replenished, at least every 2 hours, or if heavy sweating or swimming is taking place.

Overall, I think these are both as good as eachother, what do you guys think?

Myself with Garnier’s face fluid

Please remember that it is VITAL to wear at least a 30/50 broad spectrum SPF on your face every day, 365 days of the year, no matter where you live or what the weather is like.

I will go more into SPF talk when I do the ‘My Collection‘ series on SPFs.

La Roche-Posay company website:
Garnier company website:

Thanks for checking out this review! I’m always on the hunt to find brilliant SPFs such as these ones, if you have any suggestions let me know down in the comments or send me a DM via Instagram.

Love your skin? Come and join in!

L.K. x

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the brands in my post, and everything is my honest opinion.

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