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A quick post in regards to my posting days for my blog.

The first week or so of my blog I uploaded whenever I thought of something to write about, then realised it wasn’t exactly structured to do so. Then I changed my blog dates to be Monday and Friday, which can work, but I’m starting to lean more towards having my set post day being just on a Monday.
If anything crops up, such as a purchase that I can do an unboxing on, or a product I can’t wait to review, then will post that on any day I feel is best.

This gives me proper time to work on what I’m posting, and doesn’t leave me a pressure of a 3 day gap of post days.

I’m constantly changing my mind on this, so if I decide to go back to 2 post days, or different days of the week, I will be sure to let you know.

Sorry for being a little scatter brain, I’m just trying to make it work around my personal and work life also.

Love your skin? Come and join in!

L.K. x

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