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Unboxing! – ASOS

There’s a bit of a gap between me recieving this package and posting it on here. This is due to there being a few products which I’m giving my boyfriend as gifts for his birthday. The day this post should (hopefully) be uploaded. So everyone comment down below a Happy Birthday to Leigh<3

This is also my first ASOS unboxing! I didn’t realise until a few months ago that ASOS sold such good skincare! And now I’m hooked…
So here’s what I ordered for myself;

Origins – GinZing Boosting Cream

I’ve used this a few times since ordering, and I actually love it. It smells like oranges and feels beautiful on application.
Vitamin C is high on the inci list, which is contrabuting to the glow it leaves on the skin, as well as the ‘ginseng and coffee’.
I have the GinZing eye cream from Origins also, it’s probably my all time favourite day eye cream for the brightening effects it has, which I believe this whole range gives.
This is perfect for a younger skin, not too many harsh ingredients and frangrenced beautifully, and also a more mature complexion, if you’re lacking in the ‘shine’ department, this will sort you out.

A really lovely summer product, will 100% repurchase.

Bottle: 50ml
Company website:

Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot

This next one I haven’t tried as of yet, I’ve had a few sheet masks to get through first. I’d also like to try and film the process, but no promises there.
I’ve heard mixed reviews but at the price of £8, why not?
From what I can see, it has 2 sachets and a spatula to stir. The idea being you pour contents of both in the cup, shake, and apply onto face until it becomes a jelly and you can peel off.
It smells lovely unopened so I’m excited.
I ordered the Firming Mask, but they also do a ‘Hydro’ and ‘Purifying’ too, depending on your needs. Tbf I think this was the only one they had in stock, but I’m not mad.
Will update when I have tried.

Bottle: 50g

Anatomicals – Glow thanks to Joe

Saved the best till last. This is honestly STUNNING. If you don’t like coffee, look away now, (well… stay, they do other scents too.
Imagine, strong black coffee, with 2 sugars. That’s this. This is a salt scrub, so is abrasive enough to get rid of dead skin. But please God don’t put this on your face.
My mum got out of the shower after using this, and I thought it was my dad using the Tassimo downstairs… friggin gorgeous, I love coffee.
Just visited their website and the products are piss cheap! Sorry. They also pride themselves on being a ‘cruelty free’ brand.

Freshly opened
Once mixed

I find with a lot of body scrubs, my skin can sometimes feel quite dry and tight afterwards, but this leaves a nice residue, I think this comes from the 6 ingredients which include grapeseed and peach kernel oil.

I reasearched some reviews while doing this write up and it was overwhelmed by people saying the smell was ”too strong”, I can completely understand this, however if you get hot over the smell of a fresh brew you wouldn’t think twice. But keep in mind I could smell this from upstairs after my mum used, but I think, for such a cheap brand, a pay off like that is excellent.

Bottle: 650g
Company website:

Leigh’s gifts;

Lab Series – The Starter Series

So as I’m sure many boyfriends are like, mine only has a ‘routine’ when I’m around, which is rare these days with lockdown and going back into work. We both are still living with our parents and slowly saving for a hosue. But I’m thinking, if he knows I’ve gone out of my way to get this for him, he’ll reluctently use it, and will thank me for it years down the line. That’s what they call logic guys.

The packaging is lovely, a little toggle to pull the draw of products out.

I haven’t personally used these products, but for a starting out kit, I think it looks ok.

Company website:

Anatomicals – Love Your Hands Hand Cream

Never have I met anyone with such leather like hands than my boyfriend. I gave him a spare hand cream I had a while back and he loves it. He worked outside a lot when he was growing up, and rides a motorbike also, so harsh conditions have battered his poor hands, good job he’s got me so show him a light at the end of the tunnel eh.

This pack has got 3 really decent sized bottles for hand creams, (I find hand creams are always so minature there’s not enough use for them, then again, they’d be easier to travel with)
So each cream has a slightly different formula, and are meant to treat different needs. ‘hands that do dishes’, ‘night time cream’ and ‘ones favourite cream’. I think he’ll find the humour in the dishes one, as he is the designated dish washer out of the two of us.

The packaging is really quirky and funny, the image on the back of the night time cream shows a bed side table with other bedtime items (blidfold and whip), along with the hand cream. Little things like that to make the customer giggle.

I didn’t realise there were 2 Anatomicals products in this haul until I got to this section, and I have grown a fondness with the brand already, I really want to try some more of their stuff. Leave a comment if theres any you recommend!

Bottle: 100ml
Company website:

That’s all for this unboxing guys, where do you think I should buy from next? Let me know in the comments if any product has caught your eye.

And remember, Love your skin? Come and join in!

L.K. X

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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the brands in my post, and everything is my honest opinion.

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