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Beauty Pie – Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm

I have been dying to write up a review on this since the very first use of this perfect cleansing balm.
I was lucky enough to be able to purchase Caroline Hiron’s spring kits, both 1 and 2. This was the cleanser included in kit 2.
With being in lockdown, I haven’t been wearing a drop of make up, and spf only on the days I leave the house (rare) so the cleansers I have been applying are, light, milky single cleanses, nothing special. However there was a day I had about 3 layers of spf on, nice bbq in the garden, so it was a double cleanse night. I caved and indulged in my first experience with the Plantastic Cleansing Balm, and instantly, fell in love.

So it comes with a really handy, plastic spoon to scoop out a small amount of product, as thats all you need. It then melts while massaged into the hands and face, the texture of this balm really lets you to give yourself a real experience, massaging your face regularly allows the blood to circulate, collagen and elastin production, tones and relaxes the face, and lets face it, we’ve got to treat ourselves from time to time.
It also comes with 1 muslin cloth, I however I’m not in love with muslin clothes, I’m a flannel type of girl, grips onto the oils, grime and make up more, I believe. If muslins are for you though, crack on.

As mentioned above, I recieved this in the spring kits, I do not have a Beauty Pie subscription, I will do though, I just have some products to go through first. The reviews are out of this world. I just don’t need a subscription in my life… yet.
From what I can see the inci list isn’t too bad either, lots of lovely seeds oils, contains fragrence (smells bloody lush).

Taken from Beauty Pie’s website

I’m yet to use this balm on a full face of make up, but how clean my face feels after one use, I’m sure it won’t let me down. Some balms I feel leave a residue after application, espesially if you only emulsify (lather with water, wash off, without the use of a cloth). This one does not, it just leaves the skin feeling really soft and supple.

That’s all for this review, I hope you enjoy as much as I did if you decide to purchase.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the brands in my post, and everything is my honest opinion.

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